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First Impressions Are Key

October 2, 2015
First Impressions Are Key

At one point or another, you’ve probably heard the statistic that you have about 7 seconds to make a first impression, when meeting someone in person.  And I bet most of us would agree that 7 seconds is not a lot of time.  When it comes to users making a first impression on your website, you have significantly less time than that.

When most users are asked the main factor that determines whether they choose to stay and explore a website or click away, their first reply is almost always the imagery.  Your site may include impactful content but if the viewer clicks away they won’t get the opportunity to read it.  So, let’s talk about my recommendations to include eye catching photography that captures the attention of a user in about 1 second.

1. Schedule a photo shoot at your workplace

The photos you show on your website should be relevant to your business and show your industry significance. Feature what makes you special.  Booking a 1 day photo shoot could seem like a costly move for some budgets but consider other marketing areas where these images could be used.

2. Evoke emotion  

The best way to accomplish this is to include the human element.  Add a photo of a friendly employee aiding a customer,  a worker producing your product,  photos of your team members collaborating, etc.  Make it look genuine.

3. Use stock photography sparingly

There are many stock photography sites available where you can purchase strong images.  I don’t discourage the use of stock images but I wouldn’t suggest limiting it where possible.  Users are pretty savvy now and can often spot stock when they see it.  Also, I bet you don’t want to see one of your key images on someone else’s site, but you’ll run this risk.

4. Chose wisely  

Once you have thoughtfully chosen your photographs, choose the strongest to appear at the top of every page.  I suggest, featuring 1 large eye catching photo in the top third of your website design.  You can also add a feature here where images of the same size cycle through a rotation.

Photography is your big opportunity to make that first impression!  Make it count.

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