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Your Website and Responsive Design

March 27, 2014
Your Website and Responsive Design

Happy Spring! The days are finally longer, and it’s time to freshen things up. Your wardrobe or decor may not the the only thing needing some Spring cleaning.

Has it been a few years since you updated your website? Do you have an older site that you don’t have the ability to control content, and make changes when YOU want to? The fact is that the web world has changed tremendously in the last few years, and it might be time to consider how your website is resonating with your potential customers and clients.

An unprecedented 69% of people now have smart phones with internet access. Over half of all searches on smart phones are for local services—like yours. What does this mean for you? Do you need a mobile site to stay competitive? Can’t keep up with one website, much less TWO? No need…

Responsive design is your cost effective solution. Responsive design is essentially a website whose moving pieces (content, graphics, photos) float to adjust to the screen width of the user—regardless if that is a 2 inch smart phone, or a big screen TV. Your site will fit to scale. By pushing the most important information forward, such as your phone, contact info, hours, core message, address, responsive design intuitively knows what your viewers are looking for. Your site looks great no matter the screen size, and your customers can easily find the information they’re looking for. Best for you— one site to manage.


Kaptiv8 specializes in finding creative solutions for your business no matter what the industry. By working with 100’s of different industries over decades to create visual branding in what ever form your company needs to stand out among the crowd, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. Responsive design, web tools that put management in your hands, social media solutions and print design are just a few ways that we can help your company create an image that will catapult your business past your competitors.

We may not be able to help you fit back into your prom dress, but we can make your website look fabulous! Call us today to find out what how we can get started.


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