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Why WordPress?

September 29, 2015
Why WordPress?

WordPress is a fully evolved Content Management System (CMS), not just a blogging tool like many people think. While it may have begun that way, it has definitely evolved over time. So much so in fact that today it is the most widely used of all such systems, powering 25% of websites on the internet. So, we can all rest assured that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are our 3 top reasons why we at Kaptiv8 choose WordPress!

1. Easy to Use & Manage
What scares people the most about editing their own website is that they will be overwhelmed and need a lot of technical skills. But with WordPress they’ve made it incredibly easy. I like to tell our clients that if you can edit a Microsoft Word document then you can edit your WordPress website. Of course we won’t leave you hanging; we provide training as well as a WordPress user guide that you can always refer back to.

2. Flexible & Customizable
WordPress has a ton of ways to easy extend your site with Plugins. In fact it is powerful right out of the box. Remember the iPhone Commercial “There’s an App for that”? Well WordPress’s catch phrase could be “There’s a Plugin for that” because if you can think of a certain website function, it’s probably available via a plugin. This makes things quicker and less expensive in the long run because you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

3. Safe & Secure
Security in WordPress itself is taken very seriously. WordPress is constantly updating its system to make it even safer. Plus, if you choose to host with us and our partner WPEngine (an industry standard WordPress hosting company) you’re even more covered in the rare event that something does happen because of their own security measures and backups.

… and it keeps getting better! Here is a list of our clients that would agree.

There are many more reasons why we at Kaptiv8 work exclusively with WordPress. Please contact us to find out more!

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